Is Los Angeles Movers Any Good? Ways You Can Be Certain

she is a peso lets get her little shoes on or her boots on and her sunglasses so awesome she can stand here and before we go I wanted to show that bail actually goes up on the balcony to there’s a little place for her to stand but this won’t spin her at all even.

If you pull with school but will make her go anywhere it’s just a place for her to stand super awesome and also be sure to stay tuned to see how princess Cinderella magically moves we’ll be getting to this in one of our next videos hey guys this is reaching here and today we have an awesome Beauty and the Beast musical snow globe that is so awesome.

I’ll showcase this in just a bit plus we have a bunch of surprises shake box as well as some nail polishes super super fun so let’s start with this musical snow globe let me give this a shake we’ll turn him upside down or turn this whole snow globe upside down you can see oh the glittery specks floating around and it is so pretty but wait till.

I play the music because it is so romantic there’s a little spinner super cool right it’s so romantic sounding and then there’s also a little button down here that allows you to turn on the light I’ll show you the Rose is that cooler away and this snow globe is super heavy till the inside you can see these and you serving some birdies and there’s Bowl super pretty and then on the bottom you see the roads here’s a window and then on this side you see the castle in the background basil in there mrs. Potts and Cogs worth.