Things To Avoid In Tucson Ac Repair

Right down there you can see the glow that’s right at the front of the compressor so that’s where the compressor clutch meets the compressor and that’s a seal that you can’t service unless if you take the compressor out and rebuild the entire compressor so there’s definitely a leak there so let’s keep looking around we know that.

we have a compressor issue we’ll go from under the wheel well back up to the top of the engine so we have our line that runs from the AC Tucson ac repair compressor goes up I haven’t seen anything go up you don’t really commonly see leaks on these pipes but worth to check anyway send it through and there’s that connector I was talking about before with the o-ring the o-ring goes bad but in this case it looks good now we’re going to go behind the grill you get a really good view down here there’s that connector.

I was talking about before nothing leaked in there as we go across I do not see any leaks at all that looks good so now we’re going to follow this line up you can see that line coming up here’s the high-pressure Schroeder valve take off the connection there and just look inside make sure that Schroeder valve isn’t leaking okay that looks good make sure you put the cap back on just keep following it is the high pressure line sensor you want to make sure you.

check all around that I don’t see anything blown anywhere around that so that’s good follow that high pressure line all the way to the wall right over here at the firewall I do not see any leaks at these connectors here which is good there’s the high pressure right there is a low pressure will follow the low pressure line back check over here we’re good at this connector then we’re going to follow this down.

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